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These expandable dog bowls provide easy hydration and food for your dog on the go. Whether traveling or at the park, your dog needs water to keep him hydrated and happy. Dogdana Did you know that bandanas originated in india? The word bandana comes from the hindi word bandhnu, which means “to tie.” imported in the 18th century as handkerchiefs for european aristocrats, they have evolved into an inexpensive and practical accessory. Interestingly, the first bandana produced in america was an act of protest by martha washington. Defying a british ban on textile printing, she commissioned a square kerchief featuring general washington on horseback. The first classic red bandana, a white and black paisley design, debuted in the 1850s and is still popular today. Headband, scarf, handkerchief, or accessory for your pooch, bandanas never seem to go out of style.  size:10.25" x 6.25" Bpa free plastic Included: 2 dog bowls with zip closure Wash with warm, soapy water

Dogdana Dog Bowls

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