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We are so excited for you to join our Troutt Subscription Club!! We currently have 2 choices for you to purchase. Shipments will go out by the 1st of the shipment months (see details below). If you are local to our area and pick up in store, we will have a little something extra for you! *If you would like to opt out for one of the months, you will need to let us know by the 15th of the month prior to when you wish to pause.* 


Our Troutt Blessing Box is a hand curated box filled with exclusive, to our box, items! (You will not be able to find these goodies at our store) Each box will have a special theme and contain 5-6 items or more! The GREAT thing about this option is that you may keep this blessing or use the box to bless someone else! You can save these for birthdays, just because or even Christmas gifts! Just sit back and we will do the shopping for you! How great is that!! This option is 6 TIMES A YEAR!!! 

Schedule as follows: January, March, May, July, September and November! (with our launch year being 2022, we have a special introductory inaugural box going out by Oct. 1st!!!) PRICE ABOVE REFLECTS ONE BOX


Now our Troutt Treat bag is a great choice for those who just want a little something! This bag will contain one item we have picked JUST FOR YOU! Our Troutt Treat Bag will be themed each month! (12 months) We are so excited for you to enjoy each item! PRICE ABOVE REFLECTS ONE MONTH BAG