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Baked Goods
Be sure to check daily on our Facebook page for our latest up-to-date list of the day for all our baked goodies!
Cakes: By far our most popular baked good! We offer a wide selection of cakes during the year. We sell our cakes

by the slice. Whole cakes are available by special order! Give us a call to place your order today! 





Cookies, Pastries or Brownies: We love sweets!! We offer great varieties of fresh handmade cookies from old fashioned recipes and new recipes! Our brownies come in milk, dark or fudge chocolate brownies! Our turnovers are quite popular!                                                                                     



Deli Items
Sandwiches, Salads and Soups....Oh my!
All of our Deli items are made fresh each morning!

ALL ITEMS are packaged for you to TAKE WITH you for a quick meal on the go 




We offer a wonderful selection of freshly made sandwiches for a quick delicious lunch or snack!

For a great meal be sure to pick up a bag of chips and a bottle of our wide selection of old fashioned sodas!!





We offer a wonderful variety of fresh seasonal salads when LOCAL fresh produce is available!

We offer tuna, chicken, egg, potato salads and many more! Many items are made in-house from scratch!
During the colder weather, we offer Homemade Soups at least once a week! Be sure to check our Facebook page for up-to-date info! Our soups range from creamy soups, veggie soups and even our popular Curly Soup!

Soup just warms the heart as well as the belly!
Come in and enjoy ALL of our homemade goodies!!


German chocolate cake
Triple chocolate cake
Red Velvet cake
Coconut cake
apple turnover
salted caramel carrot cake
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